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Atlantic Boat Company
is a family owned business operating on a 37 acre, 50,000 square foot facility on Flye Point in Brooklin, Maine. In 1995 Duffy and Duffy Custom Yacht and Flye Point Corporation merged to become Atlantic Boat Company. The two companies have built over 1250 hulls since the 1970's. Today, Atlantic Boat Company, the builders of Duffy and BHM commercial boats and yachts, carries on a long-standing tradition of quality Downeast boatbuilding.

Boats built at Atlantic Boat Company are renowned for their long term performance, safety, and integrity.
These hulls have been developed over the past 150 years for the rigors of fishing off the Maine coast. With a large keel, flat aftersections, and a fine entry, our hulls are steady in any weather. The Downeast hull provides an exceptionally safe and comfortable ride.

We are committed to building exactly the boat you want, and we guarantee quality craftsmanship. Completed as a workboat or a finely finished custom yacht, our boats hold together like no production boat can. We invite you to visit our facility an encourage your involvement with the production of your boat.

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Atlantic Boat Company

Atlantic Boat Company - Brooklin ME

Our boats are available in three "levels of finish"; workboat, sportfishing boat, and cruiser. Aspects from these different levels can be combined to meet customer's desires. These levels give us a starting place to discuss the kind of boat you are looking for.

Workboat: Besides the obvious differences in configuration and equipment, a workboat differs from a sportfishing boat or cruiser in the amount of trim work, sound insulation, and level of detail put into the finish.

Sportfishing Boat: Although many of the sportfishing boats we build have yacht interiors, we define the sportfish finish as half way between the work boat and yacht. Smoother interior glasswork, a basic sound insulating package, more cabinetry and trim in oiled teak, and aluminum framed windows are some of the details included in this type of finish.

Yacht Finish: While many of the yachts we build have a very basic interior, they all tend to get the best in sound insulation, very smooth interior glasswork, and more elaborate woodwork. Here the sky is the limit on how much detail you want to put into the boat.

Kit Boats

Each year we build over 30 kit boats from 26 to 48 feet. We define a kit boat as any boat that is not capable of leaving Atlantic Boat under its own power. The simplest kits are just the molded parts, the hull and top. Most kits have the engine set, shaft installed, bulkheads and so forth. Some kits have all the glasswork done and the major mechanical components installed less wiring, plumbing and interior. If you are a handyman, this is a very economical way to build a boat. The ultimate kit we call a "bare running boat". This is a complete running boat less the interior; you get to do the fun part!

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